Tuesday Tip: Why is civility so important anyway?
12 Feb. 2017

Today’s tip will help you take the first steps of ensuring civility is a priority in your organisation.

In the fast-paced world of email, tight requirements, international conference calls, and endless meetings, it is no surprise that many employees feel under huge amounts of pressure to be able to juggle their workload and maintain a relatively stress-free work life. Heavy work demands may result in negative consequences such as reduced coworker relations and the creation of a workplace climate that is devoid of respect and dignity. Over time, such behavioural patterns can become encrypted into the norms and customs of the organisation, leading to a self-perpetuating environment of disrespect.

What does a workplace with greater incivility look like?

Workplace incivility refers to rude or discourteous behaviour than conveys disrespect towards others. Further to this, uncivil behaviours are characteristically rude, and focus on displaying a lack of
respect for others. The rates of workplace incivility are on the rise as people have less time to invest in workplace relationships.

Why Do We Need a Civil Workplace?

Proactively managing your working relationships in a positive and respectful manner will allow you to demonstrate civil behaviours towards others within the workplace. This can have profound benefits on workplace outcomes:

  • Employees from civil workplaces are able to directly focus on the tasks they need to complete free from distractions surrounding workplace conflicts
  • Employee retention – this can be important in achieving competitive advantage (as there is less cost output than there would be to replace staff)
  • Workplace Civility has been directly linked to:
    • Increases in moral
    • Greater employee commitment
    • Increased trust in management
    • Better communication
    • Increased job satisfaction

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