PeopleScape Tuesday Tip
Tuesday Tip #18: Career Transition and Your Wellbeing
20 Feb. 2018

Today’s tip highlights the importance of looking after your personal wellbeing when faced with a career transition.

It is really important to take care of yourself from a mental , personal and psychological wellbeing perspective when going through a career transition. This is typically an unusually stressful period in your life due to the uncertainty of the future and the lack of control you may experience whilst you are searching for the next great role.

There are some key elements to any CT process which might include:

  1. Some deeper reflections on yourself to increase your self-awareness
  2. Some work on understanding the market opportunities that match your key strengths and motivations
  3. Preparation to go to market including CV preparation, LinkedIn profile development, interview skills development
  4. Networking and applying for jobs
  5. Landing the job and making it work

Over and above these standard elements is the need to take care of yourself consciously. Some general tips include:

  1. Creating a structured approach to your week so that you spend about 3 days per week actively searching for the next role and allocate 1-2 days for yourself; this may also include more time with your family and friends that you don’t usually get to spend much time with,
  2. It may also include more time exercising and looking after your physical health
  3. More time doing relaxing activities such as yoga, mindfulness, meditation or just listening to relaxing music,
  4. Finally, be grateful for the time you have between jobs and seeing this as a time to reflect learn and grow rather than being apprehensive about the uncertainty over when you will land your next job.

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