Terms of use

PeopleScape Terms of business

1. Definition
A “client” is defined as the company the document is addressed to or is intended for if not explicitly stated.
A “candidate” is defined as a person who is the end recipient for individual services.

2. Acceptance
The client accepts our terms and conditions by giving approval either verbally or by written consent to proceed with the assignments referred to in this document.

3. Scope of the Assignment
Assignments are delivered and restricted as specified in the proposal. PeopleScape Directors may vary this at their discretion. The client will be notified if any work conducted outside of the scope of the project is intended to be invoiced. Client authorisation will be required prior to its commencement.

4. Delivery of Services
Services that are delivered in hourly consulting increments will be deemed to be delivered if the service is canceled within 24 hours of their appointed time and this time cannot be re-allocated or the candidate does not attend at the time agreed. Directors of PeopleScape may waive this condition at their discretion.

5. Fees and Terms
The fees quoted cover consulting services necessary to carry out the assignment described in the proposal. Additional costs such as travel and accommodation will be agreed upon prior to the commencement of the assignment and will be charged at cost.

PeopleScape will invoice all individually delivered programs (Career Transition & Coaching) at the commencement of the service and all other services at the completion of the project unless otherwise stated in the proposal and are due and payable in fourteen (14) days.

Fee schedules, amounts and terms are confidential between the client and PeopleScape.