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  1. 21 Jun. 2019

    Why IS it so hard to take on board feedback sometimes?

    Why IS it so hard to take on board feedback sometimes?  This is a question that can come up when we consider 360 assessments, and how to ensure that participants get the most value from this often daunting experience. Thanks for the Feedback (2014) suggests that when we do reject feedback, it’s likely that one…

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  2. Be GLAD for the feedback

    27 Mar. 2018

    Tuesday Tip #20: Be GLAD for the feedback

    Today’s tip is about applying a simple technique for receiving feedback that can help you use such feedback as a tool for personal growth. For many people, receiving feedback is perceived as threatening, whether the feedback is positive or negative. This perception of threat creates a fight or flight response in our brains, resulting in…

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