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Empower your staff with workplace wellbeing

Our Wellbeing Services incorporate empirical methodologies based on modern psychological frameworks in an integrated and pragmatic way. We help companies develop strategies to change the work environment to one that engenders health, safety, productivity and happiness.

A culture of wellbeing at work encourages happy, engaged, competent and satisfied employees. Research shows these cultural benefits improve business outcomes. Workplace wellbeing is no longer a soft optional extra – it is a financial imperative.

People with high levels of wellbeing are more innovative, loyal, productive and deliver better customer service.

Workplace wellbeing delivers business success:

Improved workplace wellbeing mitigates significant business risks leading to improved financial outcomes through:

  • Improved safety, decision making, productivity and performance
  • Improved morale and engagement and a reduction in staff turnover
  • A healthier workforce, with fewer people absent or working sub-optimally
PeopleScape wellbeing programs:

We offer a series of programs that contribute to workplace wellbeing:

Integrated leadership development:

This program examines the cultural drivers contributing to wellbeing issues and identifies key areas for involvement. Leaders are taught to recognise employees at risk and help staff maintain personal wellbeing.

Leading for performance and wellbeingtm:

Designed to inspire a different way of thinking about both leadership and wellbeing, this program teaches how to establish a culture that balances the tension between performance and wellbeing.

Online team wellbeing program:

Through the use of gamification and an interactive website that focuses on resilience and team building, this program educates employees about positive mental health and wellbeing.

Engagement and wellbeing survey:

Business performance is driven by a combination of staff engagement and wellbeing. This survey measures these factors in the workplace and helps identify pathways to improvement.

Wellbeing seminars:

Significant workplace change can be delivered in a short period of time. Our 60-minute Wellbeing Seminars are designed to promote positive employee mental health through a forum for peer-to-peer discussion and learning.

Get in touch today to find out how PeopleScape can help develop strategies to improve your work environment to one that engenders health, safety, productivity and happiness.

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