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Our focus is on helping organisations tailor their employees’ career development. We provide the individual coaching and psychological tools necessary to build resilience, develop greater self-awareness, identify personal strengths and key achievements and recognise fields of opportunity.

PeopleScape’s extensive experience means we are uniquely positioned to help individuals take control of their careers and assist employers to motivate their people.

Everyone’s career path is different and each individual requires unique advice

We're there, every step of the way:

PeopleScape is well positioned to provide guidance to those facing transition and to support those delivering the news. We can help plan the departure exercise, assisting with scripts and coaching the notification managers preparing them for the emotions and reactions they can expect.

PeopleScape career development programs:

We offer a series of programs enhancing people’s ability to make better career decisions:

Career transition/outplacement:

Personalised 1:1 coaching for individuals seeking new employment, including access to full office facilities. Beyond finding a new job, we provide advice on the impacts on family, friends and finances.

Executive career transition:

We assist executives through transition, combining assessment, leadership development, wellbeing and career coaching to provide greater awareness, insights and options.

Pre-performance management coaching:

An early intervention to help organisations manage individuals struggling to perform in their role. A 1:1 coaching program to diagnose problem areas and plan next steps.

Retirement planning:

Highly tailored 1:1 coaching to help your employees prepare for retirement, including the transition from full-time employment and the psychological adjustment to post-career life.

Career coaching:

Tailored 1:1 coaching to help individuals explore their current and future careers within an organisation. We identify key motivators, needs, values, personal brand and aspirations and map out next steps.

Get in touch today to find out how PeopleScape can help tailor your employees’ ongoing career development and career transition program.

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14. November 2019 - 14. November 2019

Leadership Lessons from Sport

Is there a connection between performing at sports, particularly at a high level (collegiate or professional), and the development of leadership? This is the question that we are going to ask from our distinguished panel – Tod Woodbridge, Nick O’hern and Nathan Burke. Although there is little empirical work on the subject, join these fantastic…

18. September 2019 - 18. September 2019

Is it better to hire a koala to climb a tree, or train a wombat?

Have you ever hired someone and then realised within the first 6 months that the person is not right for the role or the organisation? Psychometric assessment is not a panacea, but it is a critical source of additional objective data, which, when used effectively, increases your chances of ‘getting it right’. From a business…

5. September 2019 - 5. September 2019

The Future of Work

We are pleased to invite you to join our distinguished panel of guest speakers to discuss the keys to ‘The Future of Work’. When we think about the Future of Work, one thing that immediately comes to mind is the use of Artificial Intelligence. Over the next 5-10 years we will continue to see an increase in the…

20. November 2019 - 20. November 2019

Is it better to hire a possum to climb a tree or train a kiwi?

Have you ever hired someone and then realised within the first 6 months that the person is not right for the role or the organisation? Psychometric assessment is not a panacea, but it is a critical source of additional objective data, which, when used effectively, increases your chances of ‘getting it right’. From a business…

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Tuesday Tip #19: Personal Branding

Today’s tip is about identifying and creating your personal brand.   Answer the following questions to identify your personal brand: What is my greatest strength? What is my most noteworthy trait or attribute? What do I do differently or better than everyone else? What do I do that I am most proud of that adds…

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What do you want to be when you grow up?

I am sure you have been asked this question many times – particularly when you were a child. Do you remember how you answered this? And how often did your answers change throughout your life? Career transition may be something you are familiar with or perhaps it has happened to someone you know. Each year, more…

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PeopleScape Tuesday Tip

Tuesday Tip #18: Career Transition and Your Wellbeing

Today’s tip highlights the importance of looking after your personal wellbeing when faced with a career transition. It is really important to take care of yourself from a mental , personal and psychological wellbeing perspective when going through a career transition. This is typically an unusually stressful period in your life due to the uncertainty…

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Career Transitions: the PeopleScape approach

Capitalising on available resources, identifying the right opportunities and making good decisions are the cornerstones of successful career transitions. Approaching this time in a structured manner can make a real and tangible difference, as can understanding the full range of available assistance. Our recent article took a detailed look at the strong body of research that underpins…

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How does an Army Brigadier Take a Step into the Civilian World?

When Brigadier Peter Daniel decided that it was time to transition from the Australian Defence Force (ADF) to the civilian world after 35 years of service, he did what many have done before him and reached out to a colleague who had already made the shift. Whilst he knew he would face some challenges in…

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Successful career transition: current research

Been through a career transition, retrenchment or restructure lately? If you answered yes, you are in good company. The Australian Bureau of Statistics estimated that in 2013 just over 380,000 Australians left their last job due to retrenchment or restructure, while over 1 million people left their job of their own accord. Whatever the reason,…

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Making Effective Career Choices

Tuesday Tip: Making effective career choices

Today’s tip is about making effective career choices. Often people move from one organisation to another without consideration for their interests and needs. Many don’t know where to start, they may not know enough about themselves to identify what really drives them to succeed or who to talk to for a true understanding of themselves. Have…

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Body language

Tuesday Tip #8 – The power of first impressions

It’s 2017 and suddenly the business world is changing rapidly due to the likes of Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn. People are no longer identified by a job title in an organisation.  Everyone is their own individual brand.  People are changing jobs every 2 years on average – The Foundation of young Australian’s estimated that millennials…

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