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Maximise your most valuable asset – your people

Whether it is individual capability, team dynamics or organisational behaviours, we help identify the problem and provide commercial solutions based on well-founded psychological principles and academic research.

Our team will help you achieve success through your people. Our job is to help clients create great places to work, which in turn delivers great business outcomes

Business success begins with having engaged people in the right jobs delivering the right outcomes.

Are your leaders providing exceptional leadership?

If your business is failing to reach its potential, falling short of industry benchmarks or experiencing significant staff turnover, you may need to take a closer look at the people in charge. Are they providing true leadership? Can they be developed into great leaders? Isn’t it time you helped them reach their potential as leaders?

PeopleScape knows how to identify people with leadership potential, assess gaps and weaknesses in their behaviour and help them to become the leaders you have been looking for:


Armed with scientific measurement of your human capital, PeopleScape’s commercial and pragmatic approach will help your business improve employee performance, select the right staff, gauge company culture and attract better employees.

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Leadership Development

Our Leadership Development programs develop and align the behaviours of business leaders with the aspirations of the organisation. PeopleScape analyses and identifies gaps in leadership behaviour and helps individuals and teams grow to bridge those gaps.

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Career Development

PeopleScape recognises that everyone’s career path is different and that each individual requires unique advice. We are uniquely positioned to provide guidance to those facing transition and to support the managers delivering the news.

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Our wellbeing services incorporate empirical methodologies based on modern psychological frameworks in an integrated and pragmatic way. We help companies develop strategies to change the work environment to one that engenders health, safety, productivity and happiness.

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PeopleScape Events

28. March 2019 - 28. March 2019

PeopleScape Student Alumni

As part of our PeopleScape Student Alumni, we would like to invite you to a complimentary evening of cheese, wine and knowledge sharing at PeopleScape HQ in Melbourne. As part of the evening, we will have Abbie Burgess share her insights on working at the most senior level of People & Culture within various technology…

20. March 2019 - 20. March 2019

How one rude encounter can ruin your day

Join us to hear from Professor Michael Leiter, one of the world’s foremost experts on workplace civility and engagement, about his applied research in this very important field. He will explain how he has come to understand that respect and civility are the keys to better workplaces and how his research has shown that fundamental…

28. March 2019 - 28. March 2019

Creating a culture of wellbeing

How would you rate the wellbeing of your team members? Are you doing everything possible to care for their wellbeing as well as your own? Psychological wellbeing is a key ingredient in any workplace. Research has consistently shown that when organisations invest in their employee’s wellbeing, they are more productive and innovative. Increased creativity levels…

3. April 2019 - 3. April 2019

Did you forget to say “good morning” to someone today?

The experience of incivility at work is rampant and on the rise.  In a demanding, hyper-connected, over-stimulated and culturally diverse workplace, it is easier than ever to be unintentionally uncivil.  Whether you intend to or not, the impact is enormous.  What you may not realise is that forgetting to say hello, ignoring an email or…

1. May 2019 - 1. May 2019

How one rude encounter can ruin your day

Join us to hear from Professor Michael Leiter, one of the world’s foremost experts on workplace civility and engagement, about his applied research in this very important field. He will explain how he has come to understand that respect and civility are the keys to better workplaces and how his research has shown that fundamental…

9. May 2019 - 9. May 2019

Finding the Sweet Spot between Performance and Wellbeing

We all know we perform better when we look after ourselves. Whilst it can be easy to lose this perspective with so many competing priorities, focusing on wellbeing is crucial to the success of any leader. You’re unable to lead well if you are not well yourself. For this lunchtime event, we will explore the…

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Redefining workplace success through Wellbeing

The importance of creating a workplace culture that incorporates health and wellbeing is a high priority in many forward thinking companies. If your employees are working 24/7 they can’t be any good; because nobody can be good at what they do if they are working 24/7. If an employee is at their desk at 7am…

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Narrative: a story for change

A Counsultant’s journey into the use of narrative techniques: I had an experience many years ago that was life-changing – in the moment and to this day. At the time I was an organisational psychologist loving the work that I was doing. My clients were diverse and I had worked with many for years supporting…

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The power of stories: new ways to address cultural change

An article about the power of narratives and stories should start with a story. So please meet Sarah*. Sarah recently started a new job with a new employer. She enjoyed the work and was performing well, but went home each day and cried, unbeknownst to her co-workers. Although everyone had been very supportive helping Sarah…

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PeopleScape: Why Leaders Need to Get Real

Why Leaders Need to Get Real

Our relationship with authenticity can be complicated. For some, the idea of being transparent and open in dealing with others is terrifying. Others insist on wearing their pulsing heart on their sleeve, exposed for all to see. Most of us vacillate between some degree of openness and pulling down the shutters, depending on our situation…

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Making Effective Career Choices

Tuesday Tip: Making effective career choices

Today’s tip is about making effective career choices. Often people move from one organisation to another without consideration for their interests and needs. Many don’t know where to start, they may not know enough about themselves to identify what really drives them to succeed or who to talk to for a true understanding of themselves. Have…

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Situational Leadership

The never-ending learning for every situation

  Discussions about the effectiveness of a leader often refer to the romantic notions that are central to leadership theories. A good leader is described as inspirational, influential, always gets the job done, has willing followers, and basically drives their team effectively under any circumstance. Leadership workshops, books and seminars often present inspiring steps to…

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How Stramit lifted the roof on its business potential

How Stramit lifted the roof on its business potential

In early 2016 when Paul Tudor took over the reins at Stramit, he faced a raft of urgent business challenges. Stramit was a problem child within Fletcher Building, Australasia’s largest building products group. Despite being the second largest steel roll former in the Australian building supply industry, Stramit had been sliding backwards. Its market share…

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Tuesday Tip #12: Make smarter recruitment and selection decisions

Today’s tip is to take an integrated approach to psychological assessment in order to make smarter recruitment and selection decisions. Whilst CV’s and reference checks are part of the standard recruitment process, these are essentially no better than tossing a coin and add little value to your final selection decision. The best available research shows…

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