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  1. 26 Jun. 2019

    The New Science Behind Dream Teams

    As our team continues to grow at PeopleScape, we face some of the same challenges with teamwork that we regularly tackle with you and in your organisations. How do we keep this team cohesive, preserve our culture and maintain high-quality work, while also building a diverse team to fuel innovation and growth? We want cohesion…

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  2. 21 Jun. 2019

    Why IS it so hard to take on board feedback sometimes?

    Why IS it so hard to take on board feedback sometimes?  This is a question that can come up when we consider 360 assessments, and how to ensure that participants get the most value from this often daunting experience. Thanks for the Feedback (2014) suggests that when we do reject feedback, it’s likely that one…

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  3. PeopleScape

    23 May. 2019

    360-Degree Feedback: One size does not fit all

    Organisations have a vested interest in the performance of its leaders and it can often be difficult to identify exactly how well your leaders are performing and in which areas there is room for improvement. 360-degree feedback tools can assist in answering important questions about leaders’ specific workplace behaviours and style, degree of alignment to…

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  4. 4 Apr. 2019

    What No One Tells You About The Global Differences of Me Vs. We

    Much of what we do as Organisational Psychologists highlight the dynamics that might come into play as leaders navigate in a global economy. As social scientists, we are keenly aware of the powerful influence that culture can have on individual and group behaviour in a work setting. Since we are living and working in a…

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  5. PeopleScape

    6 Mar. 2019

    Redefining workplace success through Wellbeing

    The importance of creating a workplace culture that incorporates health and wellbeing is a high priority in many forward thinking companies. If your employees are working 24/7 they can’t be any good; because nobody can be good at what they do if they are working 24/7. If an employee is at their desk at 7am…

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  6. Civility - How do you do?

    5 Mar. 2019

    Workplace Civility; How do you do?

    One rude encounter can ruin your day. You expect people to behave professionally at work and to a very large extent, they do. People share information or give direction without being pushy. Importantly, their words, gestures, facial expressions convey respect. People accept you as part of a community with a shared mission that may be…

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