Melbourne - 3 April. - 3 April. 2019:
Did you forget to say “good morning” to someone today?

The experience of incivility at work is rampant and on the rise.  In a demanding, hyper-connected, over-stimulated and culturally diverse workplace, it is easier than ever to be unintentionally uncivil.  Whether you intend to or not, the impact is enormous.  What you may not realise is that forgetting to say hello, ignoring an email or making an off-the-cuff remark can influence others’ willingness to share information, collaborate and significantly affect the wellbeing of your colleagues. Just look to the media and you’ll be shocked to see the number of workplaces suffering the consequences of low workplace civility such as high attrition, low morale and increased bullying and harassment claims.

We have found the solution and have the research to prove it.

Join us for an interactive and insightful breakfast seminar and hear from the world’s best experts in the area of Workplace Civility. And learn how to turn a toxic culture around.

Professor Michael Leiter – Deakin University, Anne Wright – Organisational Development & Engagement Manager at Western Health and Jo Wintle – Principal Consultant will share their insights on creating and sustaining positive culture change and discuss the most recent results from a SCORE intervention at Western Health.

In the modern workplace, we are all facing added pressures caused by technology automation, social media and higher expectations that can cause conflict and reduce productivity. Meanwhile, productivity depends increasingly on superbly functioning teamwork. Throughout his decades of research and work across the globe, Prof Leiter can show that by strengthening the culture of respect and engagement, organisations have seen not only a reduction in incivility but an improvement in collegial relationships and a reduction in burnout and rates of absenteeism.

Date:     Wednesday 3rd April 2019

Time:     7:15am sign in for a 7:30am start – finish at 9am

Place:    CQ Melbourne, 113 Queen Street, Melbourne


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