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As Organisational Development Specialists, we understand the practical and commercial challenges facing your business. As Psychologists, we keep informed of the latest empirical research. And that means we’re ideally placed to share insights into achieving outstanding business outcomes.

  1. 26 Jun. 2019

    The New Science Behind Dream Teams

    As our team continues to grow at PeopleScape, we face some of the same challenges with teamwork that we regularly tackle with you and in your organisations. How do we keep this team cohesive, preserve our culture and maintain high-quality work, while also building a diverse team to fuel innovation and growth? We want cohesion…

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  2. 4 Apr. 2019

    What No One Tells You About The Global Differences of Me Vs. We

    Much of what we do as Organisational Psychologists highlight the dynamics that might come into play as leaders navigate in a global economy. As social scientists, we are keenly aware of the powerful influence that culture can have on individual and group behaviour in a work setting. Since we are living and working in a…

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  3. 20 Feb. 2019

    Does every moment you invest, dollar you spend, program you run, contribute to achieving your vision?

    Talking about Organisational Effectiveness Strategy can be daunting and overwhelming. However, in reality, it is a disciplined and effective way of making sure every moment you invest, dollar you spend, program you run, is contributing to your business achieving your vision. When I think of the need to make sure your People and Culture activity…

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  4. 18 Feb. 2019

    A once small task turned into a big lesson

    One of my first work experiences in a People and Culture (P&C) environment was working in HR on a change project. Having studied Organisational Psychology, I knew I could contribute useful knowledge about using reliable and valid assessment tools to predict future performance for recruitment and selection. I had learned about the most reputable and…

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  5. 14 Feb. 2019

    Is Your Organisation Surviving or Thriving?

    Fusing my passion for sport and past athletic experiences with a fascination for human behaviour, I have been fortunate enough to work as a sports psychologist for the last 17 years. I quickly came to realise that my services in performance enhancement are often seen as a “nice to have” as opposed to a critical…

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  6. 17 Sep. 2018

    Kick The Sh** Out Of Option B: Surviving Difficult Life Circumstances

    As many of you know, this last year has been quite a roller coaster for my family. My dad’s diagnosis and eventual move into a memory care facility has turned our world upside down. The last six months have consisted of auctioning off the family farm equipment, selling my parent’s home of 45 years, and…

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