Tuesday Tip #7 – Planning for culture change
19 Sep. 2017

Today’s tip is about the need to take a long-term perspective when you want to drive positive culture change across a department or team.

Real lasting culture change takes time.  Effectively you are trying to change the behaviours of a large group of people.  This means each person needs to change themselves in some way and we know that building and sustaining new habits is really hard.  Just think about how many of you have ever tried to lose weight or stick to an exercise program and been successful for more than 3 years.  It’s hard.  So you need to build in ongoing systems and processes and continue to learn and grow and develop as a team over at least 1-2 years to effect this type of change.  And you need to move away from simply discussing the content of a 2-day program.  This will simply not cut it.

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