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Objective data: your roadmap to success

As organisations become more sophisticated in their use of analytical data, one of the biggest challenges is knowing how to incorporate those insights into decisions about people; who to recruit and how to get the best out of them.

Using world-class assessment tools, PeopleScape can help build awareness and insight into your people. We provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions to drive your business to new levels of success.

“To make the right decisions, you need to be armed with the right information”

Don’t drown in data – use it to get ahead:

Businesses often make poor hiring decisions because they rely too much on intuition and other subjective, less-valid forms of assessment. Intuition can play a role in decision making, but it needs to be considered alongside other objective, measurable data.

Without the insight and clarity that comes from objective measurement, organisational strategies end up no more than an optimistic shot in the dark.

Welcome to the psychometric future:

Data gained from psychometric assessment can be used across the whole employee lifecycle; from recruitment to development to succession planning and career transition:

Integrated leadership development:

The use of psychometric assessments for recruitment and selection is essential in the end-to-end recruitment process of modern business. PeopleScape consultants are experts in recognising how to take the data from these assessments and apply it to transform your business.

Leading for performance and wellbeing:

At PeopleScape we know that identifying clear and targeted development goals is the first step to delivering positive and sustained behaviour change and performance improvement. Our individual and team assessments provide deep insights which help create specific and tailored goals for development programs.

Organisational insights – wellbeing, culture, engagement:

Our organisation-wide surveys provide an objective lens for viewing your entire organisation from a strategic perspective. The data we capture is presented in a simple and pragmatic way, allowing the creation of very clear action plans to drive positive cultural change, enhance engagement and increase wellbeing.

Get in touch today to find out how PeopleScape can help incorporate objective data into your recruitment, development and organisational strategies.

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1. November 2018 - 1. November 2018

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3. October 2018 - 3. October 2018

Successful career transitions – what does the new research tell us?

Many well – known career transition models have been in existence for decades built mostly on anecdotal evidence of what works and what does not. PeopleScape has recently conducted research to find the most effective strategies to help guide organisations and individuals with career management that drives higher personal and organisational commitment, aligns personal and…

25. October 2018 - 25. October 2018

Leading in a world of complexity: what’s your ‘wicked’ problem?

Wicked problems are those that trouble, perplex and resist our attempts to understand and solve them. The term was first coined by Rittel and Weber in 1973 and has since continued to resonate with leaders who struggle to understand and respond to the seemingly unsolvable. What are your wicked challenges relating to people and culture?…

22. November 2018 - 22. November 2018

Feeling Overwhelmed? Finding the sweet spot between Performance and Wellbeing

We all know we perform better when we look after ourselves. Whilst it can be easy to lose this perspective with so many competing priorities, focusing on wellbeing is crucial to the success of any leader. You’re unable to lead well if you are not well yourself. For this intimate breakfast event, we will explore…

26. September 2018 - 26. September 2018

Feeling Overwhelmed? Finding the sweet spot between Performance and Wellbeing

We all know we perform better when we look after ourselves. Whilst it can be easy to lose this perspective with so many competing priorities, focusing on wellbeing is crucial to the success of any leader. You’re unable to lead well if you are not well yourself. For this intimate breakfast event, we will explore…

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Tuesday Tip #12: Make smarter recruitment and selection decisions

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Getting ‘bang for your buck’ from psychometric assessment

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