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  1. 19 Oct. 2017

    The secret to unleashing your potential

    What do Oprah, Bill Gates & Gary Vaynerchuk all have in common? Apart from the fact that these three individuals are all widely successful, they have all had coaches to help them along on their unique and very diverse journeys. Research supports the benefits associated with coaching which include helping professionals to achieve increased performance,…

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  2. 17 Oct. 2017

    Tuesday Tip #11: The 5 ways to wellbeing

    Today’s tip is about the 5 ways to wellbeing and how you can apply them in the day to day work environment to create a positive culture. Clients often come to us looking for an edge. They want to build a high performing team. They want to move from business as usual to a business…

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  3. 11 Oct. 2017

    Why should anyone be led by you?

    Leadership is complicated and the secrets of great leadership resist simple recipes. Successful leaders who share their insight and experience in published autobiographies give us important clues – but cannot provide ‘the answer’. And those aspiring leaders who attempt to mimic their heroes make a fatal error. The point is to be more like your authentic self, not…

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  4. 5 Oct. 2017

    Tips for coaching younger executives

    It is becoming increasingly important to focus on early talent development to attract and retain young talent. Formal and informal coaching is a fantastic way to build self-awareness and positive behaviour change however it is important to understand the best way to accelerate a leader’s growth is influenced by their age. Classic lifespan literature describes…

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  5. Avoiding Thinking Traps

    3 Oct. 2017

    Tuesday Tip #9: Take care of yourself before others

    Today’s tip is about the need to take care of yourself before others. If you’ve ever been on a plane you’ll recall the instructions to “first put on your own mask before helping others”. The same instructions should be given to every leader.  If you do not look after your own wellbeing then you are likely…

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  6. Part 3 - A guide to culture transformation

    28 Sep. 2017

    Part 3/3 – A guide to culture transformation

    Arts Centre Melbourne is a special place where people come together for truly remarkable experiences. In thinking about what the organisation needed to do in order to be the perfect host for audience and artists alike, the internal culture was the first thing that needed to evolve. The Arts Centre Melbourne sits prominently positioned on St Kilda Road and in the hearts of Victorians. While not as…

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