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  1. 19 Sep. 2017

    We’re expanding to Auckland, NZ

    When Peoplescape started in 2009, a dream was forged to create a company that helped organisations drive better business outcomes by creating great places to work.  After experiencing strong growth in major Australian markets with many top private, public and government organisations, an opportunity has arisen to expand beyond our shores. We are delighted to…

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  2. 19 Sep. 2017

    Tuesday Tip #7 – Planning for culture change

    Today’s tip is about the need to take a long-term perspective when you want to drive positive culture change across a department or team. Real lasting culture change takes time.  Effectively you are trying to change the behaviours of a large group of people.  This means each person needs to change themselves in some way…

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  3. 14 Sep. 2017

    Part 1/3 – A Guide to Culture Transformation

    Arts Centre Melbourne is a special place where people come together for truly remarkable experiences. In thinking about what the organisation needed to do in order to be the perfect host for audience and artists alike, the internal culture was the first thing that needed to evolve. The Arts Centre Melbourne sits prominently positioned on St Kilda Road and in the hearts of Victorians. While not as…

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  4. 13 Sep. 2017

    Re-action Stations

    Scandals that rocked the army back in 2013 led to some deep soul-searching and fundamental cultural change. Peter Daniel, director of HR at the time, talks to Amanda Woodard from HR Monthly about that journey. You may recall the headlines in late 2013, a group within the army calling themselves ‘The Jedi Council’ had been swapping footage of…

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  5. 11 Sep. 2017

    Tuesday Tip #10 – Systems thinking is key for lasting change

    Today’s tip is about the need to take a systems thinking approach to ensure lasing positive behaviour change occurs when you run a leadership development program. Often we are asked to submit proposals for workshops to enhance leadership and management capabilities, without any thought around how the learning and experiences will be embedded within the organisational…

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  6. PeopleScape Tuesday Tip

    11 Sep. 2017

    Tuesday Tip #6 – Developing a Career Mindset

    Today’s tip is about the importance of a flexible mindset when going through a career transition. When going through a career transition, you may have chosen to make a proactive change or sometimes it is forced upon you through a redundancy process. Either way,  most people react by searching for jobs and writing resumes.  For…

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