Strengthening a culture of respect and engagement – Canberra

PeopleScape is delighted to present guest speaker, Professor Michael Leiter, who has been at the forefront of global research into workplace civility and the creation of positive workplace culture.

Please join us to explore this research and other exciting services PeopleScape is introducing to the Canberra market.

Prof Leiter will explain how research shows that respect and civility are the keys to more productive workplaces and more engaged employees. His research has shown that fundamental values such as respect and civility have far more profound impact than we we think.

In the modern workplace, we are all facing added pressures caused by technology automation, social media or higher expectations and causing conflict and reduced productivity. Meanwhile, productivity depends increasingly on superbly functioning teamwork. Throughout his decades of research and work across the globe, Prof Leiter can show that by strengthening the culture of respect and engagement organisations have seen not only a reduction in incivility but an improvement in collegial relationships and a reduction in burnout and rates of absenteeism.

Thursday 22nd March, 2018

7:15am-9:00am AEDT

The Shine Dome – 15 Gordon Street, Acton ACT

(Metered parking available on Gordon St and carparking is available opposite Ian Potter House)

Cost: Free

Professor Michael P. Leiter, PhD

Dr. Leiter is a renowned expert on the psychology of work with an enduring commitment to improving worklife quality with many widely cited articles on job burnout, work engagement, and workplace civility. He has held a Canada Research Chair in Occupational Health and Wellbeing. In 2016 he moved to Deakin University in Melbourne Australia to continue this work as a Professor of Organisational Psychology. His recent initiatives have focused on improving the quality of worklife through enhancing the level of civility and respect among colleagues. His intervention work on improving respect and civility at work has demonstrated a close link of improved collegiality with greater engagement with work.

21. March 2018

Strengthening a culture of respect and engagement – Melbourne

Join us to hear from Professor Michael Leiter, one of the world’s foremost experts on workplace civility and engagement, about his applied research in this very important field. He will explain how he has come to understand that respect and civility are the keys to better workplaces and how his research has shown that fundamental…