Successful career transitions – what does the new research tell us?

Many well-known career transition models have been in existence for decades built mostly on anecdotal evidence of what works and what does not.

PeopleScape has recently conducted research to find the most effective strategies to help guide organisations and individuals with career management that drives higher personal and organisational commitment, aligns personal and business motives and builds greater career satisfaction and engagement.

This research into successful career transitions in modern workplaces highlights the link between psychological wellbeing, job performance and job satisfaction supporting the importance of developing a protean career and a boundaryless mindset as the foundations of both perceived and tangible success.

Jemima Grieve, HR Manager at Seek has been invited to share her insights, experiences and personal views on using career transition and development services to support employees during their careers within an organisation.

We will also share the latest research which forms the basis of the PeopleScape methodology and approach to career transitions and also discuss how this new approach may be a valuable addition to your organisation’s employee value proposition (EVP).

We have deliberately limited the size of the breakfast invitation list to facilitate a constructive conversation and invite you to share your thoughts and experiences.

Date: Thursday 22nd February, 2018
Time: 7:15am for a 7:30am start – finish at 9am
Place: Gardens House, Royal Botanic Gardens, Birdwood Avenue

RSVP: Friday 16th February, 2018

Jemima is the HR Manager at Seek, and has been there for the last four years. She began her professional career at Thomsons Lawyers and quickly advanced to a role as HR Coordinator before becoming their Human Resources Advisor. Jemima’s passion for HR stands out in her progression of roles and the experience and knowledge she brings from such a professional background would only add to her effectiveness.