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  1. Body language

    26 Sep. 2017

    Tuesday Tip #8 – The power of first impressions

    It’s 2017 and suddenly the business world is changing rapidly due to the likes of Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn. People are no longer identified by a job title in an organisation.  Everyone is their own individual brand.  People are changing jobs every 2 years on average – The Foundation of young Australian’s estimated that millennials…

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  2. 13 Sep. 2017

    Re-action Stations

    Scandals that rocked the army back in 2013 led to some deep soul-searching and fundamental cultural change. Peter Daniel, director of HR at the time, talks to Amanda Woodard from HR Monthly about that journey. You may recall the headlines in late 2013, a group within the army calling themselves ‘The Jedi Council’ had been swapping footage of…

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  3. 11 Sep. 2017

    Tuesday Tip #10 – Systems thinking is key for lasting change

    Today’s tip is about the need to take a systems thinking approach to ensure lasing positive behaviour change occurs when you run a leadership development program. Often we are asked to submit proposals for workshops to enhance leadership and management capabilities, without any thought around how the learning and experiences will be embedded within the organisational…

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  4. The power of storytelling

    5 Sep. 2017

    Tuesday Tip #5 – The Power of Stories

    Today’s tip is about harnessing the power of stories! Anecdotes or short stories told in the context of sharing information have also been found to increase retention by up to 10 times. Some have described it as stories create ‘sticky’ memories, memories that stick. Also telling person centred stories, stories from real experience, stories with an…

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  5. 1 Jul. 2017

    The people investment paradox

    Drastically downsizing a workforce can bring short term financial reprieve, however, research shows that such a reaction may actually cripple an organisation’s capability to recover from an economic downturn. It is crucial to invest in employees through the hard times as the ability to translate human effort into corporate goals requires organisations to be learning…

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